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Stability Storage & Testing

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We offer services on secure storage and testing of your samples according to your specified procedures and timetables.

Our capabilities include services in biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, and molecular and cell biology testing and other specialty services to support your pharmaceutical products. For more detailed information, please visit each service page. We provide testing services in compliance with Pharmacopoeia (JP, USP, EP) or designated specifications. Our well-experienced staff will be available to discuss regarding any additional services you may require.

Why Choose Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Kyoto?

We offer stability testing and storage facilities with more than 20 chambers and more than 2,400 square feet of storage space. The chambers are installed in a secured and restricted access area, which is continuously monitored by a fully validated computerized monitoring system for 24/7 to manage and ensure proper execution of your studies.

Our facilities have the capability to provide a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. (Temperatures ranging from -80°C to 80°C and RH ranging from 20% to 92% can be set in our storage facilities.)

Services Offered

  • Stability studies (commercial / clinical)
  • GMP Storage
  • Storage only