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Reference Standards Management

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Reference standards (reference substances) and related substances necessary for the analysis of pharmaceuticals are managed in appropriate temperature-controlled storage cabinets. The managed samples are subdivided to the requested amount according to the reference standard users and are shipped to domestic or overseas clients in a timely manner.  We also conduct quality tests and support proper management of reference standards and related substances.

Storage Control

Reference standards and related substances are kept in storage facilities (refrigerator and freezer) that are properly managed (daily and periodic inspection).  In addition, the temperature of the storage facilities is monitored by the centralized management system, and we have a system that can respond promptly whenever a temperature deviation occurs (preparing for backup facilities). The inventory quantity and the entering and dispatching quantity are properly managed by a dedicated reference standard management system.

Subdividing / Supply

The samples are subdivided to the required quantity in safety cabinet according to the request of clients. We also have equipment that can handle chemical hazardous substances; thus, it is possible to handle a wide range of chemical compounds. The subdivided samples can be shipped to domestic or  overseas reference standard clients in a timely manner.

Quality Control

We conduct all the various above mentioned tests, and we ensure highly reliable data based on our extensive experience.