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Other Specialty Services

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We provide the following services in compliance with global regulations in US, EU, and Japan:


NMR is used to confirm the detailed structure of pharmaceutical products.

Quantitative analysis by NMR has recently attracted attention as  a measurement method capable of SI traceable quantification. We conduct confirmation tests and quantitative tests for samples (e.g., raw materials, intermediates, APIs) in compliance with Pharmacopoeia (JP <2.21>, USP <761>, <1761>) or designated specifications.


 400 MHz NMR JNM-ECZ400S / L1 (JEOL)

Container Testing

We test container composition in compliance with USP<661> and other test methods designated by clients.


   Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) (Hitachi High-Technologies)

Release Testing

We test drug substances, drug products, or intermediates in a timely manner, according to designated test methods.

Raw Materials Testing

We test raw materials according to test methods designated by clients for the quality of raw materials (e.g., HPLC, IR, GC, microbial limits testing, water determination).