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Eurofins Food & Product Testing Japan K.K.

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Company Name Eurofins Food and Product Testing Japan K.K.
Head Office 2-1-13 Sachiura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama 236-0003 Japan
Phone +81 (0)45 330 3004
Fax +81 (0)45 330 0021
Website (Food Testing) (Product)
Established January 9, 2009
President Shingo Mitsui
Company Profile FPTJapanCompanyProfile [pdf]
Our Customers Food producer, Food ingredient, Trading, Retailer, Government organization, Chemical, Electronics, Automotive, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Consumer product
Our Services
  • Able to meet the needs for exporting as well as importing by taking advantage of the worldwide group laboratory network
  • The only foreign-owned independent laboratory authorized by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) in Japan
  • Accredited by ISO/IEC17025
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Performing Lab Food Testing Product Testing
Eurofins Japan
(Eurofins Food and Product Testing Japan K.K.)

Pesticide analysis
Heavy Metal analysis
Mycotoxin analysis
Radioactivity testing
Microbiology testing
Allergen testing
GMO testing
Nutritional labeling analysis
Food Irradiation

RoHS/RoHS2.0 testing
ELV (SOC) testing
JIG/JGPSSI testing
Phthalate testing
PFOS/PFOA testing
Siloxane testing
AZO testing
VOC testing
Eurofins worldwide All of the above
Authenticity Testing
Pet Food
Veterinary Drug
Label check
All of the above
Cosmetic testing
Toxicity (OECD) testing
Food Contact Materials
LEED / Blue angel testing